What's there to do?

The town itself is undergoing improvements, but don’t expect a metropolis. We have anywhere between 45 000 and 60 000 residents and not a lot of entertainment is provided, so you have to make your own fun. With unbelievably magnificent natural surroundings, that’s not hard. We’re on a little peninsula called Libanona, and our side offers one of the best surfing spots in town, with – it must be said – so few people on it that it’s almost a private beach. However, if you’re in the mood for something more tranquil, a 5-minute walk to the other side provides you with tropical lap-lap water. Just 7kms out of town, there is a lemur reserve in a beautiful setting, while Lokaro (about an hour away) offers snorkelling. If you want something more structured to keep you lean, the mine operates a leisure centre that includes a reasonably well-stocked gym. Between July and October, the whales return to our area – whale-watching from your own restaurant or your own deck is an absolute bonus!